The Girl in the Gatehouse

The Girl in the Gatehouse is the first Julie Klassen novel I have read, although I believe I own the all!  I read The Maid of Fairbourne Hall shortly after this one, so look for that review next!  

The Girl in the Gatehouse is Mariah Aubrey, who moves into the gatehouse on her aunt's property after a social scandal compromises her status as a "lady."  She must find a way to supplement her father's allowance and therefore decides to pursue her writing and publish some novels.  While living there, the estate changes hands and a Captain Matthew Bryant moves into the main house.  Between writing her novels, a developing friendship with Captain Bryant, and a mystery in the local poor house the plot moves along quickly to a happy ending for all!  
This novel is a clean romance with a Jane Austen feel.  The Christian aspect is rather minimal, but the character development is well thought out and well executed.  The characters are three-dimensional and the setting is clear.  The mysterious character in the middle of the story adds some fun and suspense, and the ending is sweet and ties everything up nicely.  I did enjoy it; however I liked The Maid in Fairbourne Hall more.  I will post my review on Monday!

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