Top Ten Tuesday: my 10 favorite LulaRoe sytles

I have a friend who loves lists, especially top ten lists. So here is a top ten list in honor of her!! I will try to post more top tens in the weeks to come, but for today here is my top 10 favorite LulaRoe Styles:

10. Lucy Skirt (I didn't start out loving this one, but saw one on a periscope a couple of days ago that made me a believer!!)
9. Azure skirt (knee-length, a-line, with yoga band waist)
8. Sarah (This is super Gorgeous, and I can't wait to try one!)
7. Randy shirt (baseball tee with 3/4 sleeves)
6. Leggings
5. Julia Dress
4. Nicole Dress (fit and flare)
3. Lindsay Kimono (I just got my first one...Simply Comfortable!!)
2. Maxi Skirt
1. Cassie Skirt

This is me in my Cassie, on the left, supporting the Pens!
And me in my Maxi on the right, if you can see it!
I am clearly not a master of the selfie!?!

I haven't tried many of the tops. The Randy is the only one that I currently own, so I can't really be a judge of those! I can't wait to get my initial inventory, which includes Irmas and try one of those. They are super popular!!

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