The Choice

The Choice centers around Carrie Weaver, a young Amish girl who has yet to join the church. A series of events occur that change Carrie's life and lead her to make some major choices. Through the choices and changes in her life, she grows in her faith and relationship with the Lord. This book includes a sweet romance, but more than that, it is a beautiful depiction of a young woman's walk with the Lord in the midst of life's trials. The plain lifestyle portrayed is an interesting backdrop; however, Carrie's emotional and spiritual struggles are ones with which both Englisch and Amish can relate. Her personal journey was my favorite aspect of the story! Amish fiction fans are sure to find another author to follow in Suzanne Woods Fisher.


The Vigilante's Bride

Emily McCarthy is told that she will be leaving her orphanage home to marry Bartholomew Axel, a man she has never met. Although she does not want to do this, she travels to his home in Montana, only to be kidnapped on the way. Luke Sullivan knows Axel, and he believes that he is saving Emily from a horrible future. In time, Emily sees that he may be right, but this is only the beginning of the trials they will face.
With romance, adventure, and suspense, this is a light and enjoyable book. I enjoyed the spiritual journey that the main characters took, however I felt that the romance moved a little quickly. Overall, there is a strong Christian theme stressing a relationship with the Lord, and there is plenty of action to keep the pages turning. I would recommend this to other Christian romance readers.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.