Smack Dab in the Middle of God's Love

By Brennan Manning and John Blasé
Illustrated by Nicole Tadgell
Smack Dab in the Middle of God's Love, Brennan Manning
"Smack-dab.  Isn't that a great word? Say it a couple of times."

What a fun book!  This is just the type of book that I enjoy reading to my children.  It is short and sweet and delivers a powerful message.  It will hold the attention of any age.


The Scroll

Here is another review that I didn't post immediately after finishing the book.  I read this a couple of years ago, and unfortunately that means that my detail will be lacking a bit!

The Scroll by Grant Jeffrey and Alton Gansky is an adventure/mystery.  It follows archaelogist Dr. David Chambers as he works to uncover what could change his life! I always enjoy archaeological follow the clues kind of stories, and this was not an exception.  This was a pretty quick paced adventure with intrigue and interest.  I enjoyed the characters, the mysteries and twists in the plot.  Although, there were a couple of aspects that I may have done differently.  I have read other books by both Grand Jeffrey and Alton Gansky, so I was eager to see what the two would do together. I would recommend this book and any by either author!

Forsaking All Others by Allison Pittman

I really like Allison Pittman! I started with the Crossroads of Grace series, which captivated me! I actually read this book, Forsaking All Others, a couple of years ago.  I just realized that I never posted my review!!

This is the second book in the Sister Wife series, following For Time and Eternity. It follows the decisions of Camilla Fox after she leaves her husband and the Morman faith.  She returns, hoping to free her children.

What I remember about this book was its slow pace.  I had a little trouble getting into and staying with it.  And the book didn't really stay with me, which is why two years later, I do not have too much to say. I would still recommend any of Allison Pittman's books.  She often chooses deep or difficult subjects, and she makes you think. I believe one of Pittman's strengths is her character development, which is my favorite aspect of fiction novels!