Still Life by Christa Parrish

I am a Christa Parrish follower and have read most of her books.  You can check out my review for Watch Over Me here. Now on to the book at hand:

Still Life is thought provoking and inspiring.  There were key moments that I pondered well after I put the book down. An example is the section of the book where the title comes. Simple living is still life and is still beautiful.

Adah and Katherine are connected by circumstances. Both women's lives are irreversibly changed when a plane crash takes the lives of everyone on it. Still Life follows these two women and those closest to them as they transition and grow in the aftermath of this event.

These characters are real and flawed, struggling with decisions past and present. Each woman learns and grows through her experiences, and their lessons were beautifully passed on to the readers.  I would recommend this book or an other by Christa Parrish!