The Memory Weaver by Jane Kirkpatrick

Memories are a funny thing. Sometimes two different people remember the same incident totally differently.  And sometimes memories change with time.  They can help us learn and grow in new situations, or they can hold us back.  In The Memory Weaver, Eliza Spalding has many memories that she cannot seem to let go.  They continue to shape who she is and what she does, years following the events. She goes on a journey both literally and figuratively, to search out the truth of her memories. In the process, she learns who she is, who God made her to be.
I am on Christmas break for school and I finally have time to read.  I have finished 2 books already and cannot wait to get started on my next one.  I really enjoyed The Memory Weaver.  It took me on a trip to early America, with missionary families reaching out the the Native Americans and struggle and hard work a part of daily living.  Eliza Spalding Warren is a strong character who experiences both the ordinary and the extraordinary, both great joys and great sorrows.  Her family and friends have their own quirks and struggles and they form a outstanding cast of characters.  The historical backdrop is vividly drawn and the perfect setting for this story of truth, forgiveness, and hope.