Karen Kingsbury and a story about a young man with autism is not something that I could refuse. She is arguably one of the most well known authors in Christian fiction, and I have a heart for special needs like autism! I really liked Unlocked! It was a beautiful story with a strong message. Although the story is an easy read and quite predictable, a lot happens, and even the negative events teach hope.  There is hope in Christ, no matter what we face...Amen!  The book focuses on Holden Harris, an 18 year old high school senior with autism and the people in his life.  We see his parents and the added struggle they have raising a child with special needs.  There are classmates, some who reach out to Holden, some who pick on him, and most who just ignore him.  One classmate, Ella Reynolds, takes an interest in Holden and starts fighting for him.  Between her and Holden's mother's prayers, he starts to progress.  It is important to remember that with Christ All things Are Possible, but His ways are greater than ours--so while we may not understand why, not every child with autism will have a turn around like Holden demonstrated in this book.  God will, however, use every individual with special needs for His purposes, especially through faith and prayer!!
Years ago, God gave me a heart and a vision for special needs ministry.  I would love to hear from readers who are involved with this type of ministry or who would like to see more done for this population!  Thanks for your thoughts!

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