The Pirate Queen

Saphora Warren has finally decided to run away from her idyllic-looking life.  After raising three children, she is about to leave her philandering husband when he comes home and announces that he is dying.  He asks her to move to their beach home with him(the very place she planned to retreat to alone).  As cancer works through him, they each grow and learn through the people they meet, discussions, and personal reflections and memories.  I loved the diverse characters and how each one uniquely added to the growth and development of the main characters.  At times, both heartwrenching and uplifting, it was really a character driven novel.  What is important is where they were at the beginning and where the Lord took them through their lives. I enjoyed this book.  It was an easy read, but it had such depth.  It is the first book I have read by Patricia Hickman, and I look forward to reading more by her.

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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I was surprised at how much I liked this one. I didn't care for The Painted Dresses at all and I didn't realize she was the author of this one when I first got it. I thought it was a lovely story.