That's When I Talk to God

I read this book to my children, age 4 and 5.  I loved it and so did they.  My daughter took it to Sunday School with her to share with her friends.  It is a beautiful children's story teaching an important lesson.  I recently had a conversation with the Children's Director at my church.  She was telling me how she had asked the children how many times a day they prayed and most said 4 times (which were at meals and bedtime). While that is good, this book illustrates how children (and adults) should be using any and every opportunity to talk to God.
I would definitely recommend this book to parents and/teachers.  It is a sweet and realistic story with an important lesson.
Thanks to Audra Jennings and the B&B Media Group for sending me my free review copy.  My family truly enjoys this book, and we have read it to other children as well.

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