Secrets of the Heart: Book 1 of The Ravensmoore Chronicles

Secrets of the Heart is a fun, easy read.  Lady Madeline Whittington does not trust doctors, not after her father bled to death in the care of one, and her brother and sister died of smallpox after another refused to treat them.  A surprise encounter with one of her father's doctors triggers conflicting emotions.  Lord Devlin Ravensmoore is studying to become a doctor, but because he is an Earl he is shunned by high society due to taking an occupation that is "beneath him."  Between meeting Lady Madeline and visiting Ashcroft Asylum, his life is about to change as well.
With mystery, romance, and suspense-this is a fast-paced novel.  The plot is unique, and the historical aspect of the novel is very interesting. The theme of forgiveness is powerful and clear.  I enjoyed this book and will be sharing it with my fellow readers of historical fiction.

I received a free copy for review.  This in no way influenced the opinions shared above.

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