Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Okay, so this is definitely not Christian fiction, which is obviously what I prefer.  Being secular fiction, my biggest complaint about this book was the language.  There was quite a bit of swearing and foul language.  Also, it is a thriller--so there was some graphic blood and guts.  However, this series had been recommended to me a number of times while running the bookstore and a couple times since.   Because it is so far from my usual genre, I debated about whether to post a review, but here it is...
This is the first in a long series starring FBI agent Pendergast.  In Relic, the New York  museum of Natural History suffers of string of mysterious murders.  Pendergast is interested in the case and travels from New Orleans to head the investigation.  Margo Green, a junior scientist at the museum makes a startling discovery and ends up working with Pendergast to stop the killer.
There were some positives and negatives to this book. It was a fast read; the plot moved quickly.  It was a pretty good suspense with an interesting twist and clear heading toward a sequel.  While I did like the characters, the dialogue and personalities were a little cliche (which I actually enjoyed, especially Pendergast) and missing some history.  (I know this is a huge series, so I assume that readers learn more about them as they continue reading.)  Although unbelievable, the plot was suspenseful and mysterious.  When I first started reading, I decided to stop before dinner and read my other book so that I wasn't thinking about this one when I went to bed.  As I stated before I don't like the use of foul language; I do not feel that it adds to any book.  Because of the language and the genre, I would be very careful about who I recommended this book.  That being said, I may read more of the series to see where they go because I have heard so much about them.

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