I have been wondering about Christian dystopian novels.  Dystopian societies are everywhere right now, so I was excited to see that branch into the Christian genre.  I hope Anomaly will reach individuals that follow the dystopian theme but may not normally read Christian novels.  It is a very entertaining book with well-drawn characters.  The plot moves quickly, and there is a strong Christian message of the hope that Jesus gives.

Thalli is about to be annihilated because she is different.  She feels emotion. The Scientists that originated their community thought they had eradicated feelings from existence after the nuclear war sent them underground.  Thalli is a anomaly.  When she is no longer able to hide her feelings, she is taken to the Scientists where her childhood friend, Berk, works to prolong her life.  While in the Scientists pod, Thalli meets John.  The only person (other than the scientists) left from life above, he shares what he knows about the Designer.  Thalli seeks everywhere for what is really true and finds that the Designer had been drawing her to Him.  She also realizes that He has a plan for her, and she is prepared--even if it means being annihilated!

 Packed with emotion, action, and a strong theme, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book!  In fact, I know a couple of people that I intend to share it with right away!
I did receive my copy free in exchange for this honest review.

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