Memory's Door

A little less than a year ago, I had high praise to give Soul's Gate, book one of the Well Spring Novels.  My review is here.  Memory's Door is the second book in this series, continuing the story of Reece, Dana, Brandon and Marcus.  The Warriors Riding are growing in strength and numbers.  They are delivering people from strongholds and teaching freedom to Christ followers; but the battle is about to get more difficult.  The enemy makes subtle attempts to thwart each member of the group, and in the end there is a major battle.  
Each character continues to have real struggles and occasionally makes mistakes; however, they seek the Holy Spirit's guidance in finding the next step.  Memory's Door is filled with high-paced action, suspense and a little bit of mystery.  James L. Rupart weaves truth into these speculative fiction novels with skill.  While remembering that they are fiction, both books in this series have drawn me to the Lord and His Word.  I want more of Him, His love and His power.  This is the highest praise that I can give a fiction novel--to say that it brings me closer to the Lord!  
I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  


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