I, Saul

My favorite part of I, Saul was when I realized that there would be a sequel!  I really enjoyed this book, and flew through it!  I am so looking forward to continuing the story.

In I, Saul, Dr. August Knox is requested in Rome by his terrified friend Roger Michaels for reasons he cannot explain over the phone.  Augie does everything he can to get to his friend, and his fiance, Sofia joins them.  The three are thrust into the middle of a dangerous dispute/hunt for an important historical document that was discovered and stolen in the very prison cell that held Paul during his final days.  The document turns out to be Paul's memoir!

The novel alternates between the modern day intrigue surrounding this discovery and narration of Paul's life, including his final days and stories from his memoir about earlier days.  I enjoyed imagining Paul and his experiences in a new way.  I also liked the modern day characters.  I was brought to tears a couple of times through the emotion of the characters and events.  I would definitely recommend this book!

I did receive a copy of this book in exchange for this honest review.  

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