Amazing Grace

How Sweet the Sound by Amy K. Sorrells

This is a story of of redemption and hope.  Following both Comfort and her young niece Anniston's point of view, the book begins with a distressful Thanksgiving dinner showing that the well known and popular Harlan family is not the ideal family they have worked so hard to portray.  The family suffers almost unimaginable horrors, and Anniston and Comfort have to learn how to cope.  While Anniston questions her family and finds a new friend, Comfort closes in on herself.  Her search for meaning and hope draws her into a dialogue with the Lord, but she has a huge battle.   Against all odds, she finds that He is faithful and does provide beauty from ashes and joy in the mourning.

The journey of both women to find the "ladders" (from Jacob's dream, ladders in which  the angels take away hurt and bring back hope), is real and heartfelt.  The depth of character is tangible, and backstory is used effectively to understand secondary characters and the deep family pain.

I highly recommend this book, and I have to admit that I just purchased her latest release Then Sings my Soul! I can't wait to start reading it!

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