Brentwood's Ward

Michelle Griep is a new author for me.  I was just checking out her website. You should check it out too.  Click here to read all about Michelle, or this is the link to her blog. Both are worth looking at.  I really enjoyed each one and took away some great thoughts.

Now, on to the book at hand, Brentwood's Ward. Nicholas Brentwood is hired to watch and protect Emily Payne while her father is away. It quickly becomes clear that it is going to be no easy task. Just dealing with Emily is a struggle, but that pales in comparison to what else they will face together. As dangers and trials are thrown at them, they must rely on the only One who has control.

Emily and Nicholas are realistic and well-written characters. With a quick-moving plot and a strong theme, I enjoyed both the story and the moral. I needed a little more justification to Nicholas's growing feelings towards Emily, but it is a sweet romance. The historical setting is perfect. It adds to the story and educates the reader. The message is strong and clear, which is what matters most.

Overall: Fun book, interesting historical aspect, solid theme!

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