Love Amid the Ashes by Mesu Andrews

I enjoyed reading this fictional retelling of the Biblical story of Job.  I found nothing in the book that directly contradicted the Bible; however, being a work of fiction, there are added characters and assorted assumptions throughout the story.  The book starts with the death of the patriarch, Isaac and Job taking Dinah home to marry his son.  Dinah is there throughout the devastation that hits Job's household.

"Seeing" Job's actions in the flesh, especially as he reacts to his initial losses provides a powerful example of relying on and remaining faithful to God in the midst of heavy trial.  I also enjoyed the inclusion of Jacob's daughter, Dinah, in Job's life, and I appreciate the author's notes about her research indicating that this relationship was entirely possible.  There is a beautiful scene of redemption for Dinah, that she later shares with other characters.

The book is beautiful with an attractive cover and a synopsis that creates interest.  The characters are well-developed and experience change and growth throughout the story.  The classic plot-line has interesting and emotional scenes as well as a few twists added. And most importantly the theme is strong and has a powerful impact.  I would definitely recommend this book, with the assumption that readers will also read the book of Job and the Biblical story of Dinah.

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Luxembourg said...

This is one of the first historical fiction books set in biblical times which I have read. I am very impressed with this debut novel, and look forward to what is yet to come from Mesu Andrews!