Mystery of Puzzle Bones

Mystery of the Puzzle Bones is a fun book.  I do not read many books for this age group (8-12); my children are still a little young, but I will keep this one for when they are ready.    The book centers around four young boys who make a hideout in some unused underground sewer pipes.  One day they find a bunch of bones laid out in a pattern in one of the pipes.  The next day, bones have been added, but then they disappear.  The boys soon discover what the bones were and are off on an adventure!  One of the boys, Caleb, shares his faith in the Lord with his friends throughout the book.

The design is great with the fun dog on the cover and the mystery and suspense will appeal to readers.  The writing was fine, (although I think it could have used a little better editing). The plot is fun and fast paced.  The characters are realistic.  The theme is clear and strong, and there are scenes and messages that will make an impact on readers' lives.

 I was a little worried when the boys started talking and worrying about ghosts and demons because I was afraid that it my cause fear in young readers; however, Caleb's strong faith in Jesus is a good example.  This book has a strong Christian worldview.  There is a theme of witnessing, faith, and prayer.  It has action and adventure, as well as friendship and family issues.  It is book 1 in The Adventures of the Boardunders Club, and I believe that kids will love the series.  Although the main characters are boys, it will appeal to both boys and girls (I know my daughter will enjoy it someday--she is only 6).  It would also be a great book to read together, parent and child.  There are a number of great discussions that could stem from the story.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  

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