The Chasm by Randy Alcorn

He found himself a traveler in the strangest of lands. Where invisible secrets come starkly into sight. Where the fairest of companions leads the way into unsuspected danger and darkness. Where hidden battles burst into the open. Where so much is grasped…and so much more seems unattainable.
   Driven by a yearning he doesn’t understand, compelled toward a destination he can’t quite see, the traveler navigates the inhospitable landscape with determination and a flicker of something like hope—despite the obstacles that seem to unerringly block his path.
   Best-selling novelist Randy Alcorn weaves a supernatural interplay of wills and motives, lusts and longings, love and sacrifice. It’s a potent mix that leaves every reader wondering: Do I really understand this world I live in? Do I really understand myself? Is there more to all this than I’ve ever dared hope?

This is a powerful allegory!  I admit that I had a little trouble following the beginning, but it is a companion to the novel Edge of Eternity (which I haven't read yet).  I really wish that I had!  During the portion of the book that paralleled Jesus dying on the cross, I was sobbing so hard.  My 5 year old son asked me what was wrong and I said "Jesus loves us so much."  He said "I know mom, but why are you crying?"  There was beautiful imagery that depicted how Jesus didn't have to go through all of that suffering--He could have stopped it, but He didn't because He knew it was the only way to save us (the ones who put Him there in the first place!!)  WOW!!
I may just go back and read the full book, Edge of Eternity, but I would recommend The Chasm because that one scene, especially, was so powerful to me!!

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