Stand by Me by Neta Jackson

I own the entire Yada Yada Prayer Group series and the Yada Yada House of Hope series, but I've never read any of them.  Well, that's going to change now!  I read Stand by Me (a Souled Out Sisters Novel) this weekend.  It is a fast read, and I was totally immersed.  Though I am a country/ small town girl and this focuses on inner city, I immediately connected with the characters.  They were three-dimensional with very real emotions.  Their flaws actually sometimes annoyed me, just like in real life!! But the story came together beautifully and I am so looking forward to going back and reading the other series to learn all the backstories of the characters that I was introduced to in this book.

Stand by Me focuses on Kathryn Davies, an young college student and new Christian who is full of energy and lots of ideas; and Avis Douglass, a mother of three grown daughters and seasoned Christian.  God has a plan--that doesn't always match our plan or ideas, but His ways are perfect!!  The novel delivered a beautiful message, while including precious scriptural reminders throughout the story.  I enjoyed the worship services and devotional times of the characters as well as the personal reflection and growth that the main women experienced.  I look forward to reading more in the series and following Kat's story!

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