Summer Fit Learning

Here is an excerpt from the parents and guardians section of the book:
Summer Fit is a new summer workbook series designed to keep children academically and physically engaged between grade levels, Summer Fit uses an active and values-based approach to summer learning.  
Research shows that the more children play outside the classroom, the better children perform inside the classroom.  Written by some of today's most energetic and engaged educators, Summer Fit creates an active learning environment using physical and academic exercises.  Grade-appropriate activities focus on reading, writing, language arts and math, while incorporating physical fitness activities on a daily basis.  To reinforce and teach core-values, Summer Fit includes values-based activities highlighting some of the world's most inspiring leaders and humanitarians...

I am very excited about these books!  I was lucky enough to receive both the Pre-K to Kindergarten book and the First to Second Grade book so that both of my school age children can benefit from them this summer.  I have read through the introduction and instructions, and the children have looked through the books.  We've done a couple pages just to try them out, but are planning on working through the entire books this summer.  The book includes a progress chart and incentive contracts.  Each week physical activities vary from sports to aerobic and strength activities, and the worksheets touch on various subjects as well.  A different core value, such as honesty or responsibility, is featured each week as well.  I am really looking forward to including these books and activities in our daily routines this summer.  I know the kids will both enjoy and benefit from them.  To find out more about them check out the website: Summerfitlearning.com.

I received complimentary copies of the books in exchange for my honest review.

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