The Reunion by Dan Walsh

I just finished reading this book this afternoon.  I have been carrying my kindle around all day, reading whenever I can, just to finish it.  I really enjoyed it, but I do think the ending was a little quick.  Although, not a historical novel, I loved the history included.  The Reunion is a very personal and heart-felt book.  Many lives are woven together in a unique way that demonstrates how God works in our lives.
Years after earning the Congressional Medal of Honor in the Vietnam War, Aaron Miller is alone.  He has lost his family, struggled with addiction, and lived on the street.  Now he is a humble handyman at a small trailer park, still selflessly serving others.  His children, Steve and Karen grew up without him, feeling abandoned.  Meanwhile, Dave Russo is writing a book honoring Vietnam War veterans in memory of his own father.  While interviewing one veteran he is given an offer that he cannot refuse, and he sets out to find Aaron Miller.  God alone can join and reunite these friends and family.
I ended the book in tears.  It was beautifully written and emotionally touching.  I loved the characters, the memories, the feelings. I would highly recommend The Reunion.
Actually I would recommend any of Dan Walsh's books.  I have also reviewed Remembering Christmas and The Discovery.
I did receive a copy of this book free in exchange for my honest review.  

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