A Love Surrendered

A Love Surrendered is Steven O'Conner's story.  I already love the O'Conner family from the first two installments of The Winds of Change: A Hope Undaunted and A Heart Revealed.  Julie Lessman has created a family that feels like, well, family.  It is like reading stories about my own sister or best friend.  Steven has a wild past that has changed the person he is today.  Maggie Kennedy is possibly the most influential of that past, and when her little sister, Annie moves into town, she starts to influence him, too.  No one knows that she is related to Maggie.  She and Steven grow close, but when Maggie returns home, Steven proposes to Maggie instead of Annie.  Throughout all of this Annie tries to remain true to Christ and her behavior becomes a testimony to her sister.
A Love Surrendered is an honest love story with three-dimensional characters that are striving to follow God's will, or are searching (to ultimately find Him).  They all fail at times, which is why we need God's grace.  The time period and setting adds depth to the story.  The plot itself flows smoothly with romance and relationships, some soul-searching, and a little drama. I couldn't put it down.  I honestly would not hesitate to recommend these books.  I passed the first two in the series to my sister, but I read this on my kindle.  So I plan to get the actual book for my sister for Christmas...Mandy, if you are reading this, act surprised!?!

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