The Memory Jar

Sarah Shelter dreams of owning her own bakery one day.  She dreams of finding love and starting a family.  She shares her dreams with her best friend Patty, but when tragedy hits close to home.  Sarah stops dreaming and distances herself from others.  After two years, she has met countless bachelors that visit her area for extended hunting trips, but this set of bachelors is different.  A series of events causes one in particular to stand out to her.  Jathan Shrock is running from his family's expectations when he meets Sarah.  The two each have a lot to work through in order to make a long term relationship work.

The Memory Jar is more than just a sweet romance.  I am a character-driven reader, and the character development is the greatest strength in this book.  Events and relationships teach and carry both the hero and the heroine toward the growth they each need.  Their flaws and struggles are real, and true change is made.  This is what life is about: the Lord molding and making us into His Image, fitting us where He knows best.  It was wonderful to see this process in this book.  I would definitely recommend it!

I did receive a free copy in exchange for my honest review. 

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