Come to the Table

The second installment of The Souled Out Sisters series by Neta Jackson has me hooked.  I can't wait to read more about Kat and Nick and the rest of the crew from Souled Out Community Church. In Come to the Table, Nick and Kat each recognize their own changing feelings for each other, but hesitate to say anything.  Meanwhile, Rochelle sees how much her son Connie looks up to Nick and wonders if they could be a real family.  Nick joins the church and begins his internship, and Kat feels called to open a food pantry.  As a new Christian, Kat is learning and growing.  She has a couple of Spiritual milestones during this chapter of her life and learns more about loving God's people.

Even the minor characters in this novel are lovable.  I know many of them are featured in the Yada Yada books, and the House of Hope books.  Thankfully, I have most of those books!  I'll just have to read them to learn everyone's history!  The characters are so real.  I enjoyed the storyline, also, especially the spiritual growth.

Neta Jackson is a fun author and I would definitely recommend her books.

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