Interrupted: Life beyond Words, is about Allie Everly.  Allie has her mother (and the neighbor boy, Sam Carroll) and that is all she needs.  When her mother passes away, Allie is all alone.  Sent to live with Miss Beatrice Lovell in Maine, Allie writes poetry and letters to her mom in her journal, trying to cope.  One summer, Sam comes to visit and Allie starts feeling again.  She must decide what to do with those feelings.

This is a quick and enjoyable read, with a solid Christian theme.  There were a few little typos and problems with the story.  The character development/ turn around was a little fast, but there is a solid Christian theme.  It is a nice young adult novel, and it is truly remarkable that it was written by a fourteen year old.  Rachel Coker will be someone to watch for as she grows and hones her craft!

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