Grace Got You

How often do you listen to the radio and even sing or hum along without really knowing the words to the song?
Today I happen to be paying attention and the words I heard made me smile and think of my daughter. As soon as I got home I looked up the song, Grace Got You by Mercy Me and played it for her.  She loved it too.

Listen to these words. How fun is this song? The first line is: Have you ever met someone who keeps humming when the song's through?  Do you have someone in mind? Maybe that's you!
Or how about this:  When you're standing in the rain again , You might as well be dancing -- YES!!!
Finally, the chorus!! Let's all live like this.
Choose one and do it today or do them all.
Sing! Glide! Dance! Laugh! Smile!

Sing, so the back row hears you
Glide, 'cause walking just won't do
Dance, you don't have to know how to
Ever since, ever since grace got you
Laugh, 'til your whole side's hurting
Smile like you just got away with something (This is my daughter's favorite line!) 
Why? 'Cause you just got away with something
Ever since, ever since grace got you

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