Never Say Never by Lisa Wingate

Never Say Never is written in alternating points of view of Donetta Bradford and Kai Miller. Kai has been a wanderer since her childhood, while Donetta has lived most of her life in Daily, Texas. When a hurricane hits the town where Kai has been living, she evacuates. Traveling is difficult, but Kai helps three older women, Donetta and her friends, along the way. When the storm has cleared Kai finds herself in Daily with Donetta and a church group also displaced by the storm. Donetta, never able to have children herself, has a motherly and meddlesome love for her nephew, Kemp Eldridge. Kai and Kemp both have pasts keeping them from attachments, and Donetta, feeling "stuck" in her marriage, has relationship problems of her own. They each find themselves in humorous, trying, and eye-opening situations.
This was a light, fun romance. It was a little slow moving, but I enjoyed the characters. Even the secondary characters were well-developed with their own little quirks to add to the story. Wingate also created some vivid and amusing scenes. The romance between Kai and Kemp was cute, but it could have had more depth. I wanted to see her work through some of her past more, and clearly redevelop her relationship with the Lord.
I loved Donetta's story. It was particularly touching and beautifully resolved with a nice reminder for us all. Overall, this was an entertaining book.

Thank you to Bethany House, who provided a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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