Judgement Day Blog Tour

Judgement Day with Suzanne Kidwell is a cable news show that tends toward the sensational rather than the factual. Suzanne feels that is what the public wants, and it is what gets her ratings. Her producer doesn't feel the same; he wants her suspicions backed up with evidence. Who cares if she has to doctor that evidence sometimes... Someone does, someone willing to kill. Suzanne's boyfriend dies when her car is "altered." Then Suzanne is attacked outside her home. Finally she is framed for murder, and it looks like the only hope she has are private investigators, Marcus and Alexandria: the same Marcus to whom she was engaged and betrayed in college.

Starting out fast with a teenage runaway who gets abducted, a fatal crash, and a hidden love, this book never stopped. Dyson uses short chapters and starts with a number of storylines that weave together as you continue through the book. The action itself does a nice job of developing the characters, and the plot is full of interesting twists. Judgement Day is a suspenseful page-turner with beautiful truths woven through it. I truly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it!

You can purchase this book directly from RandomHouse.com . If I were you, I'd do it right now!!

Thank you to Staci and Random House for my copy of this book. I really enjoyed it!

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