Sweet Sanctuary by Sheila Walsh and Cindy Martinusen-Coloma

Sweet Sanctuary is a family drama centered around a single mom.  Wren and her son, Charlie, have been on their own for years until one day her grandma Ruth shows up at her door wanting an 90th birthday party that includes the whole family.  Wren is not looking forward to reuniting with her siblings, but it seems inevitable. Added to the stress of preparing for the party and facing the past, Charlie's father has suddenly shown an interest in reconnecting, and everyone seems to think Wren needs a man in her life.  Wren does end up spending time with Paul, initially for a project to help the town and library where she works.  She doesn't know what to do about Charlie's father or about her impending reunion that she knows is doomed.  Her friend Missy encourages her to read Psalm 27 and seek God, and as Wren does, she finds peace amid trying circumstances.

I have read Sheila Walsh's nonfiction before, but this is the first fiction book that I have read by her.  The characters were extremely real, and I could empathize with them, especially Wren, even though I have not experienced what she has.  I appreciated the secondary characters as well.  They each added depth to the story and message.  The main theme is relying on God and living in His will, but there is also a message of second chances and forgiveness.  This is a well-written novel with a good story, although I felt the excitement at the end of the book may have been slightly unnecessary.  It did reinforce the message of relying on God, even in times of trouble.  I would definitely recommend this book.  I enjoyed reading it.
I received a free e-copy through Netgalley.  This is no way influenced my review.  The above post is my honest opinion.

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