Homeward: A Novel

Two Melody Carlson books in a row--this one I read on my kindle, at the beach.  Yay for beach reads!  I liked this one too.
Meg Lancaster returns home after being gone twenty years.  There is quite a bit of tension between her and her mother, so she stays with her sister.  Much has changed while Meg was away.  Her sister is married with three daughters; her grandmother is sick in bed and her grandfather's beloved cranberry bog has been greatly neglected.  Her mother seems different as well.  Meg starts to feel "at home" again as she works to save the cranberry bog and develops new relationships with old friends and family.
This is a story of a "prodigal daughter" looking back and forgiving-not only for the offender's sake, but also for her own sake.  The novel has great personal growth and wonderful relationships alongside a bit of mystery and romance.  The characters, situations, and emotions were real and easy to relate.  I liked the strong theme and message.
I would definitely recommend this book, and others would too; it is the recipient of the RITA award.  I think you should all go out and buy it right away.  It is currently available in e-book form for only $2.99!!!

I recieved an free e-copy of this book from Glass Road Public Relations in exchange for my honest review!  Thanks :)

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