Christmas Thanks

I haven't posted a thankful list since Thanksgiving, so I'm a little behind!!  I had started this post the first week of December.

I missed my thankfulness post last week.  So here I am almost a week later and I am missing a thankful heart.  This was my prayer earlier this evening...
Lord, Thank you for the chaos in my life.  For three beautiful, crazy kids.  Thank you that I can hold my dear baby when he is teething and over-tired and needing comfort.  Thank you for microwaves, so I can reheat my cold dinner.  Thank you that my 2 older ones are playing so nicely while I am distracted.  Thank you for praise music that I can play while I am walking back and forth with the little one.  Thank you for loving me even in my frustration and sin.  Thank you for your peace.

Here is my Christmas thanksgiving list:
122. my sister in Christ, Maaria
123. courage of secret believers
124. Christmas trees
125. the smell of pine
126. Christmas lights
127. the privilege of reaching out to the unsaved
128. prayer
129. Christmas eve services
130. Having Christmas on a Sunday
131. Being able to see so much of my family over the coming holidays!
132. pecan tarts
133. buckeyes
134. magic bars
135. new recipes
136. surprises
137. dollar stores
138. memories
139. Christmas music
140. shopping with Martin
141. Laughing
142. Crosby being the perfect shopping baby
143. that pink eye only got 2 of the 5 of us, and is healing quickly!
144. shopping with mom
145. good test results for brother-in-law
146. nativity scenes
147. joyful anticipation
148. children's excitement
149. the many names of Jesus
150. the mother of Jesus, Mary's faithful and willing obedience
151. Immanuel, God with Us
152. His Peace
153. and Hope
154.  Papa Claus (my dad, the kids' nicknamed him this last year)
155. freedom to celebrate Christmas
156. school vacation
...........I know that I have lots more to say, this was all written in one session!

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