Christmas Pony

The Christmas Pony by Melody Carlson is a heartwarming story about a young girl who prays for a pony for Christmas, but more than a pony Lucy wants for her mother's smile to return.  Her prays are answered one by one as the next day they receive surprise borders and extra income for the holidays.  The two borders from out of town add excitement to Lucy's life and by Christmas morning Lucy receives so much more than she had dreamed possible.  God answers prays in a wonderful way in this historical Christmas tale.  Set in 1937, the characters and setting are instrumental in delivering a sweet tale of Christmas miracles.  This is an extremely quick read, and yet it is a complete story.  Truthfully, I would love to have read this as a complete novel, rather than a short novella.  It is a great way to get in or stay in the Christmas Spirit and a perfect book to whip through on a cold day. This would be good for younger or older readers alike. I enjoyed the story and will be passing it around my family!
I received a free copy in exchange for this honest review.

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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

This was such a cute story. I just loved Lucy. And, you're right, this would have been a fantastic full length novel. I hadn't even thought about it, but I agree!