The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek

The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek is not the type of book that I would usually pick up, but I am glad that I did.  Unfortunately, I often judge books by their covers, and this cover doesn't really appeal to me.  However, after reading the book, I see that the cover fits the story, and I enjoyed the book.  It is a light-hearted, fun story of life in a small town.  
When Miss Birdie meets her the new pastor of the Christian Church and sees he is so young and unmarried, she feels it is her duty not only to show him the ropes, but also to find him a wife.  One of the few single women in town is Willow Thomas, but Birdie and friend Mercedes (the Widows) decide she is a perfect match for another new bachelor in town, Sam Peterson.  A veteran who just lost his leg in Afghanistan, he is not interested in making friends, but the people of Butternut Creek slowly make their way into Adam and Sam's lives and hearts.  

The biggest strength of this novel is the voice.  It is readable, down-to-earth, and humorous.  The small town of Butternut Creek is perfectly quirky and quaint, as are all the town's people.  The story is sweet with an clear Christian worldview.  I enjoyed it and am excited to see that the second installment of the series just released: The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek.  


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