Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love is one of my favorite books, and after reading it a second time, it may be number one.  It has such a strong message of God's love and His pursuit of us.  He is faithful, but so often we are not!!  Redeeming Love starts with young Sarah striving for her father's love.  Unfortunately she does not get it from her earthly father, and her entire life is changed.  Eventually, and still at a very young age, she is forced into prostitution.  Years go by and Michael Hosea sees Angel, the highest priced "soiled dove" in town walking down the street, and he feels God's prompting that she will be his wife.  With a past like Angel/Sarah's, can she ever trust or learn to love and be loved.  God uses Michael Hosea among others to show her His love and His grace, which is exactly what we all need.  With a past like mine, how is it that God has stuck with me through it all.  He never gives up on us!

Francine Rivers is a superb writer.  The language she uses is lyrical and paints vivid pictures.  Her characters are beautifully developed and well-rounded having both flaws and strengths.  The story flows well and provides relationships and actions that lead to changes in the characters.There is character growth in a number of the characters, both major and minor.  There are a number of explicit scenes that lead me to only recommend it to mature readers, but I highly recommend it.  There is an overwhelming theme of God's love and grace.  This is a one I will read again and again! If you haven't read it, I strongly encourage you to get yourself a copy and immerse yourself!  You will fall in love with your Savior all over again!

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