2010 New to Me Challenge

I saw this challenge on another blog today, and I think it is a great idea!!! Read 20 "new-to-me" Christian authors. Two new authors that I have already read this year are Jill Eileen Smith and Irene Hannon. Both authors, I will continue to follow. I am reading J.M. Windle for the first time now! Other authors on my shelf I haven't read yet are Siri Mitchell, Jackina Stark, Jenny b. Jones, Deanne Gist, Tricia Goyer, Mark Andrew Olsen, Robin Parrish, Sharon Hinck, James David Jordan, Ann Tatlock, Sharon Souza, Cathy Marie Hake, Maureen Lang, Melanie Wells, Chuck Holton, Mary E. DeMuth, Julie Klassen, Alton Gansky, and Michael Landon Jr./Cindy Kelly. In non-fiction, I have Frances Chan to read soon! So that's my new-to-me list. It may change throughout the year as I come across other exciting titles, or decide to try a few others on my shelf I haven't read yet depending on my mood! This is a great challenge for whatever you read. Try new authors. There are so many good ones. Do not limit yourself to a few because chances are you are missing a gem!!

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SuperMom said...

Welcome to the challenge!
You have yourself a good list there... some are on my list too such as Tricia Goyer, Jenny B Jones, Robin Parrish, Mary E DeMuth...
Don't forget to link your reviews and let us know about your updates through the original post on my site:

Again, WELCOME!!!