June Bug by Chris Fabry

This one had me in tears, so it definitely engaged my emotions. June Bug is a story that focuses on a little girl and her daddy, John. They have been living on the road in an RV for years. One day June Bug sees her face on a missing children's poster in Walmart and all of a sudden her questions about who her mama is take on new meaning. She starts wondering... The story follows the two of them on their journey home to find closure and new beginnings. The narrative is mostly written from June Bug's perspective, but it does switch to other characters along the way. June Bug is an endearing and inquisitive little girl, and I enjoyed her voice.
I actually really liked the ties to Les Miserables, although I would not describe it as a retelling exactly. The flashbacks added beautifully to both the story and the character development. I also enjoyed Fabry's use of language. At one point I read a paragraph out loud to my husband stating that it sounded like the narration of a movie (in a good way). It is written in a way that I could hear it while I was reading it. I liked it, and I would recommend it to others.

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