Ruby's Slippers by Leanna Ellis

New author to me, Leanna Ellis, was a pleasant surprise. This is not a book that I would have picked up myself. It was given to me, and I am so glad it was. I would categorize it as Christian Chick Lit. It is a fun and easy read; however, there was much more substance than I expected. This novel could have been extremely cheesy; but a little cheddar never hurt anyone. I actually enjoyed the parallels to the Wizard of Oz, especially within the characters. Dottie Meyers is injured in a tornado in Kansas and wakes up in a nursing home where she had been given ruby slippers by a father she never knew. This leads her on a journey: a journey toward family and truth. Along the way she picks up friends who each add something to Dottie's life she didn't even realize she was missing. I love the moments of Sophia mentoring Dottie, and I was moved by the moments of realization and reconciliation. One of my favorite moments was in a conversation about prayer. Dottie asks "what if I only have complaints?" and the response: "You think He doesn't know them already?" They continue to talk about prayer and how it is about our relationship with our Father. She does meet her biological dad, but more importantly she gets to know her heavenly Father. In the end, this is who she wants to share with her sister. This was a not only a fun book, but also a well thought out one with a beautiful testimony of Dottie's personal growth. It worked for me.

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