Inheritance by Tamera Alexander

This is the second of Tamera Alexander's novels that I have read, and I have the Fountain Creek Chronicles still on my shelf to read. I enjoy her mostly light-hearted historical romances. I read Inheritance in one day.
McKenna Ashford and her brother Robert move to Copper Creek, Colorado after he causes some trouble that forces her to sell the family home. Upon arrival, McKenna hopes Robert will settle down, and they can leave the past behind them. That does not happen. McKenna does not know how to change Robert...Enter US Marshal Wyatt Caradon who understands a little more what Robert needs. In typical romance style McKenna and Wyatt clash a bit, especially when it comes to Robert.
I felt the characters were well written. I could understand the driving forces behind all of their personalities and actions. I enjoyed the side story involving the Chinese Americans and their culture; however, my favorite part has to be the prayer that Wyatt offers for Robert, echoing the one he prayed for himself years prior. That one sentence is an example of why I love Christian fiction. Novels that are so often just mindless entertainment turn into tools used by the Holy Spirit! I pray that the Lord would "break me, until I am wholly His!"

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