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The Last Christian is a novel set in 2088. After tragedy hits the tribe she's been living with in New Guinea, Abigail Caldwell returns to America, following a 16 year old message from her grandparents to bring Christianity back to America! Americans have neural implants; they live and communicate largely through virtual reality, and the newest development in technology and medicine is brain transplants, utilizing silicon brains. Some believe that this could eliminate death.

What a thought provoking book! I truly enjoyed it. I made a connection with the characters; I was engaged in the storyline. The theme of Jesus is the Life was uniquely delivered, and there was a strong message of Jesus as the way to salvation. The setting in the year 2088 raised questions about where society will be at that time, in technology, medicine, faith. How will the church change in the coming years; how has it already begun to change? Where are the current trends in medicine and/or technology leading us, and how do the those changes correlate with the changes in society's belief in Jesus! I stopped reading to discuss issues the book raised with my husband; I was brought to tears at times when Abby shared the gospel. I was surprised, but not disappointed with the ending. Because of the strong theme, and contemplative questions it raises, I would probably rank this as one of my top books for the year.

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quilly said...

This is an incredible book. I, too, would stop reading and start discussions as if my poor mate has been following my thoughts. He finally took the book away from me and checked it out so he'd have reference to my strange new thoughts.

I was also satisfied with the ending of this book. Had someone told me the ending up front I wouldn't have thought it could possibly be uplifting or hopeful, yet it was.