Genoa Bay by Bette Nordberg: BOOK REVIEW

Genoa Bay is a story of personal growth, with a little romance and some adventure too! As a widow and single mom, Brandy Beauchamp is struggling. She needs a fresh start, a place of her own. When she unexpectedly inherits a old bed and breakfast in Genoa Bay, she must decide whether to take the risk. The house needs a great deal of work, but Brandy decides to re-establish the business. There are a number of obstacles that Brandy faces, including lack of financing and a somewhat sinister local business man who wants to buy her property. Along the way Brandy and her young daughter meet friendly locals as well. They find help in many unexpected places, and Brandy starts to help others, finally feeling home.

This was a beautiful story of hope, hearing God's voice, and new beginnings. The story was well-written with good description and lovable characters. There was one small discrepancy: on the back cover Gabby is said to be five years old when they move to the bed and breakfast, but in the book she is seven. It did not detract from the story; I really enjoyed walking with Brandy as she discovered who she was in the Lord. I loved how she began helping others in the same way that she was helped as a teen and in the same house.

This book was reviewed for Readersfavorite.com.

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