David and Goliath: Part 2

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...In Book Two, David finds himself in college again, renting an apartment from sisters, Nicole and Tammy. David recognizes pretty early that Nicole has strong negative feelings toward her sister, Tammy. Nicole thinks she has an ally in David and that David feels the same jealousy toward fellow wrestler, Matt. Matt looses his leg after a horrible car accident, and David encourages Nicole to acts of kindness. David again uses actions to touch the hearts of those around him, and spiritual warfare is again a key theme.

This book was more suspenseful and fast paced. In addition to the spiritual ramifications, characters faced physical threats. Character development is hard in these shorter stories, and I thought that Hathaway did a pretty good job with it. However, I did want to know a little more about Nicole and Tammy. The theme was strong, and left me wondering how my actions speak to those around me. Does who I am testify and bring glory to the Lord? So far, a thought provoking book...

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