The Rook: Book Review

FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers, from The Pawn, is called to San Diego, to help with a serial arsonist case. With an apparent suicide and a local kidnapping, the case seems to be getting more tangled, but Bowers unravels it nicely. It takes a personal twist when Bowers love interest and fellow investigator, Lien-hua is asked for by name. Meanwhile, his stepdaughter, Tessa, gets into some trouble of her own.
This was a high-paced suspense, with plenty of action and a page-turning conclusion. It was a good mystery. There were hints of prayer and a higher power--someone to lift us out of our pit; however, there was no strong message or testimony and no strong Christian character. While the characters were three-dimensional, I did not find myself attached to any of them. This was definitely a plot-driven story. Steven James has great use of language, and the fast paced mystery kept me fully engaged. I would recommend this to any mystery or suspense readers, secular or Christian. Although there was not much Christian depth to the story, the mystery was exceptional.

I started The Knight yesterday and will read The Bishop next. Steven James is truly a unique and exciting story-teller. I look forward to reading more about Patrick Bowers' adventures, and I hope that he will find the Truth in the end! Watch for my next two reviews and don't miss the Live Facebook Party next week, August 4 from 7-9pm!!!


Carmen said...

I just read The Bishop, my first encounter with Steven James. Looking to read the rest of his books. The Bishop was my fir thriller--not for the faint hearted!

Loren said...

I'm reading the Bishop now and have the others waiting on me on my Kindle! The Bishop is sooo good! I wish I would have read them in order but didn't think I had time to do that and get the review for the Bishop!
Thanks for sharing this .... Your review has me so excited for the others!!

Cathy Bryant said...

Hi Megan,

Just wanted to let you know that you're the third place winner in my Summer Splash contest. If you'll send me your mailing address (catbry1atyahoodotcom), I'll get your book and CD in the mail.

Thanks so much for participating in Summer Splash. I appreciate you!

Cathy =)

Heidi V said...

I love Steven James and Patrick is just a interesting character.

Sara said...

This book sounds good! I love a good suspense/thriller. I'll have to check this one and the others out.