David and Goliath

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This novel is broken up into three sections: Book one, two, and three; therefore, I am going to write about "Book One" today and save the next two for Wednesday and Thursday!

David Liberty is the central character of the novel. He is an old man and tired of living. He is unable to move or speak, but he can understand everything that is happening. He wishes he would just die and end the suffering, but after a unexpected visit, he finds he can move his arms again. He realizes that he wants a second chance and is given it in a very unusual way.

In Book One, baseball star, John Barnes is at his best in the game, but off the field, his marriage is struggling. David finds himself working as a gardener for John's wife. He works to find God's will for this family and his role in accomplishing it. I enjoyed this story. The characters were real, as was the challenge they were facing. There were fun points and also educating moments. The theme of spiritual warfare and second chances was well developed...

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