The Lightkeeper's Daughter

The Mercy Falls series, by Colleen Coble, has consumed the small amount of free time I have had over the last week or so.  I have thoroughly enjoyed them all.
The first book, The Lightkeeper's Daughter focuses on Addie Sullivan who finds out that she is not who she has always thought she was.  She travels to Mercy Falls to discover her true heritage, by living in her real father's house without telling them who she is.  While she hides her identity, she finds that truth is being hidden from her as well.  In her search for truth and for family, she find more than she expected.
This book has everything you need for a fun read--a sweet romance, an unsolved mystery, a little danger, and trust in the Lord.  The story is well-paced; the characters are realistic, and the writing is solid.  I read all three of these books in a row because I enjoyed them so much.  I would definitely recommend this series and this author to others, and I will be reading more by her!!


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