The Return of Cassandra Todd

 Last summer, I read and reviewed  Darrell Nelson's first book, The Anniversary Waltz.  It was wonderful, so I jumped at the chance to read his second release, The Return of Cassandra Todd.

Cassandra was the popular cheerleader in high school who eventually married the school football star. On the outside, it is the picture perfect life; except the story begins with her sneaking their son out and running from him.  She returns to her home town and runs into Turner Caldwell.  Turner had been the one to pick on in high school; and while he had always had a crush on Cassandra, she brings nothing but bad memories.  When Cassandra turns to him for help, they begin quite the adventure.

This dramatic suspense is deeply emotional and touches on the important, but difficult subject of spousal abuse.  As I read, I anxiously turned pages to find the answers to my questions.  The characters have both strengths and flaws and definitely drew me into the story.  I enjoyed the intertwining relationships and the gentle reminder that God is in control.

This is quite a different genre from Nelson's first book, but equally enjoyable.  Next time you are out looking for a new read, Darrel Nelson would be a good author to try!

I did receive a free copy in exchange for my honest review. 


Darrel Nelson said…
Megan, thank you for taking the time to read and review my novel. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks too for your kind, encouraging words. I hope you will also enjoy my future novel, Following Rain.

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