Avengers: Infinity War

Friday, my son comes home from school with a slip of paper asking if he can meet a friend at the movies. At eleven, I am still hesitant to let him go places alone, even in our little town. So I got to see Avengers: Infinity War on the opening weekend with a room full of die-hard Marvel fans.

I am not a movie reviewer and didn't watch it with a reviewer mind, but I will tell you my favorite aspect of the experience. Twice a new character showed up on screen and the room erupted in claps and cheers. Even though it took me a moment to realize that one character was Captain America and I only knew the other was Stan Lee because my son told me about his cameo appearance, I enjoyed the group excitement.

Then at the end of the movie, no one left. Well, maybe a handful of people, but the vast majority of the room remained in their seats, while a few stood in the back of the theater waiting. They had been given the heads up of a post-credit scene. At one point, the credits turned black and throughout the room, you could hear "shhhh" "shhh", "shhhhhhhh." Hilarious! Especially when, immediately more credits rose from the bottom of the screen. Finally after probably 15 minutes of credits, we witnessed the brief scene introducing the next chapter of the Avengers adventure.

I like comics, Marvel, DC, superheros, the works, but I am not a one that doesn't miss a new release. I haven't read the comics, and I haven't seen all the movies. I will tell you something though: the atmosphere is fun and exciting. There is not many things like it. It is mildly like walking into Disney- everyone is so excited and noticing all the little details around them, that even those who "aren't Disney people" can't help but get caught up in the excitement, you know!

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