Daughter of Zion

The second installment of The Zion Chronicles moves into the heart of the Old City in Jerusalem and into the heart of Rachel Lubetkin, survivor of the holocaust camps at a great personal cost. Struggling with her identity and self-worth, Rachel sneaks into the Old City to help encourage those holding the city to stand firm. Her past catches up with her, and when the community find out what she has done, and who she has been, they have to decide whether she is worthy of there trust or guilty of betraying them all.

Again, the history and vivid historical setting is the strong point of this book. I love the detail. Rachel's flashbacks are poignant scenes that make me feel the emotions of the packed cattle cars and forced separation of families experienced by so many during World War II. I enjoyed the journey into the buried streets of the city of the past. The romance was an important aspect of this book; however, I found it slightly rushed and unbelievable. I also struggled with the omniscient POV, particularly the scenes focused around Shaul, the dog.

I"ll be taking a brief break from the series before reading the third book, The Return to Zion.

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