Today, I'm Super Mom!

Some days, I get it right!

Today was actually a rough day. I finished work, wrapping up with 2 hours of trauma-based, child-led, sensory integration treatments in a room that is always too hot and dry. I had a swing, two tunnels, a yoga ball, bean bag chairs, tactile bins, orbees, and a rocker board to put away, not to mention rice to vacuum off the floor that had been tossed out of one of the tactile bins.

After accidentally locking myself out of the treatment room, I finally walked outside and lifted my face to the sun that had decided to show it's glorious face for a while. Tension pulled at the base of my head and neck.

Starting my new-used Dodge Grand Caravan (yes, I'm a van mom), I opened the sun roof to enjoy the short lived heat. It didn't last long though. Not because the clouds returned too fast, but because that tension in my neck was spreading. Squinting in the sun, I closed the roof, hoping to relieve some of the pain.

I picked up the kids from the local YMCA and headed home, letting them know that I needed to lay down for a little bit. An hour later the pain had not subsided, and it was time for the kids to get to AWANA. Usually, I would just ask my husband to drive them, but he has been battling an infection and had crawled into bed to fight the chills. So I got up- and gingerly walked to the kitchen to get an excedrin and an ibuprofen..

My youngest son could not find his shoes, so 10 minutes later I told them if we didn't leave soon I'd be laying back down and they'd have to miss tonight.  Thankfully they found the shoes and I got them to church, just a little late. 

Now, I know you're thinking- finally I can have an hour to rest with no kids and kick this headache but that wasn't going to happen. You see, my youngest son is turning 7 tomorrow, and we hadn't purchased his presents.  So of course, if I was really "supermom" those presents would have been purchased and wrapped weeks ago. I would have a class treat baked and ready to go to school with him tomorrow, but clearly that was not the case-yet.

I headed to Walmart, purchased presents, extra wrapping, balloons and candles. But no brownies. He had asked for brownies to take to school. Halfway home, I remembered the brownies. Ugh.  I pulled into Rite Aid, hoping upon hope that they would have brownies so that I didn't have to drive back across town to get them. (By the way, across town is maybe 3-4 miles, but today it felt like 20!) I won't hold you in suspense, Rite Aid pulled through. I got home and made 2 batches of brownies. And my husband, feeling a little better, wrapped presents for me.

The reason I feel like supermom is because even with a monster tension headache I took care of my family. It's my job, I know. It's what I'm supposed to do! Sometimes it's hard, and sometimes I'm not all that good at it. But today, I allowed my husband to lay down when he needed it, I got my kids to church, I have some presents that I know my son will love wrapped and waiting for him tomorrow and I have brownies cooling on the stove to pack up for him to share with his class.

So many times I drop the ball and don't get things done on time, or don't get it done right. My house is a complete disaster, and I just signed a permission slip for an activity that they have tomorrow that should have been turned in a week ago- but it did get done! I don't have it all together, but I choose to celebrate the successes.

It seems like a small thing to have presents and brownies ready for a child's birthday. Sometimes that would be a small thing, but today it was a big thing. And maybe the kids and even my husband will not realize how hard it was for me to do those things today, but that's okay. I thank God for the gift of my family and I am so glad that I loved them well today. I know that I was a SuperMom today becauseI know that being a "SuperMom" is in those small things that no one will ever fully understand but you.

Would you share a "supermom" story of your own?

I want to hear about your everyday mom sacrifices, and everyday mom-love because that's what makes you a super mom, too.


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