Let Me Hold you Longer by Karen Kingsbury

As a mother of six, Karen Kingsbury knows mommy moments. Let Me Hold You Longer is a children's book chronicling many of those moments. This is my first kid's book review, and I am excited to share what a beautiful book this is! I remember when I read the Redemption series by Kingsbury there was a poem in one that the mother character (Elizabeth) wrote to her son (Luke) for his wedding. I had to read it to my husband because it deeply touched me. Well, Let Me Hold You Longer is an adaption of that poem in picture book format, and I love it. It is a tender reminder to treasure your child's every day moments because all too soon those moments will change. This book would make the perfect baby shower, mother's day, or even high school graduation gift. I recommend it for all parents and grandparents. You'll want to share it with your children and your children's children.

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  1. Love Karen Kingsbury - and this would be perfect for my daughter! I'll have to look it up...